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Brief History:

Scarborough Athletic FC currently plays it’s football 17-miles down the east coast at Bridlington Town’s Queensgate Stadium.
The club was formed by supporters’ society Seadog Trust following the liquidation of Scarborough FC in June 2007.

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Why a campaign?

We are Scarborough Athletic FC.

We are the most senior club representing the town.

We are managed and run by Scarborough people.

We play our football in front of Scarborough people.

We achieved promotion in only our second season of existence.

We are a beacon of success – nationally - for clubs run by supporters themselves... 

But since the tragic demise of Scarborough Football Club; since the closure of its Seamer Road Stadium; since Scarborough Athletic rose from the ashes in June 2007, we have played our football in exile. We cherish the dream of coming home.  

This dream is shared by Scarborough Borough Council which has clearly stated its wish to help us to return to the town within a sustainable sports facility – possibly located in the proposed Weaponness Valley Coach Park development. 

The dream is also shared by George Pindar Community Sports College which has offered us facilities at its new sports stadium development. 

The dream is shared by a huge number of people who live within the borough and many more who have moved elsewhere, but look to Scarborough as their spiritual home; fans that will do anything they can to help us to get back. 

We currently play at the Queensgate Stadium in Bridlington, home of Bridlington Town AFC. We are indebted to the management of that club for their enthusiastic support and continued willingness to share their home with us. But Scarborough Athletic; the club, its fans, its officials and its playing squads have now been away from home for our third season; it’s time to come home. 

We remain committed to working in partnership to achieve our dream. Since the club’s formation, our elected board of volunteer directors has worked alongside various organisations to find a path back to Scarborough. It hasn’t been easy, and we know the path ahead will not be straight.

The Weaponness Valley Sports Village is still at the consultative stage and early progress in the current economic climate it not guaranteed. The Pindar Sports Stadium would need to be built to a standard acceptable to the Unibond League, and that also is not guaranteed. Other options present themselves from time to time, and the Board of Scarborough Athletic must remain receptive to each and every possibility. 

That is why we have launched The Back2Boro campaign. It’s time to embrace the growing enthusiasm of the people of Scarborough, the fans who travel many miles to watch their team perform every single match away from home, and the organisations who would support us in our aims; wherever we finally end up playing within the borough.

In fact, we want the campaign to be ‘ring-fenced’. We want it to be entirely independent of the Scarborough Athletic Boards own activities; a separate management committee; separate bank accounts; separate fundraising and so on. 

Back2Boro aims to raise awareness of the club's plight to return home, and build a fund to use for a whole range of purposes.

Perhaps to contribute to the eventual construction of an entirely new stadium; perhaps to support the further development of existing facilities in the borough; perhaps to provide support and expertise to Scarborough Borough Council in its new development - an active stake in the development of our new ground. In fact, we hope we can contribute funds to almost anything that helps the initiative to achieve its aims. 

We don’t have a big-figured target to meet – we simply want to raise as much money as possible to assist in finding a way home.

And we want you to be involved. Either with fundraising, being an ‘ideas-person’, or just by helping with a donation to the scheme or attendance at an event.

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Together we can bring Scarborough Athletic FC back to the Boro!