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Brief History:

Scarborough Athletic FC currently plays it’s football 17-miles down the east coast at Bridlington Town’s Queensgate Stadium.
The club was formed by supporters’ society Seadog Trust following the liquidation of Scarborough FC in June 2007.

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Get Involved

Like any good fund-raising and awareness-raising campaign, the success of the campaign is reliant upon committees and volunteers putting in the effort to make it work.

Scarborough Athletic FC itself is a superb example of how much success can come through the hard-work and time-input of volunteers. The club has a base of over 50 volunteers for all aspects of it’s management, and the energy and enthusiasm of those people have made the club the success story it is – a national benchmark for all supporters’ run clubs and trusts.

We want as many Boro fans and local football people as possible to help us in our quest to return home, with the Back2Boro campaign now the focal point of our drive to get back to Scarborough.

You can contact us for information, send all your ideas and opinions or ask about donations to the campaign via email on